Easter Monday

Our last day for this long weekend. Must say that in some ways I wish we’d have less three day long weekends and more 4 day ones. It’s just so nice and relaxing.

We popped out to Dundrum for some shopping. Much better than Castlecourt which is the largest shopping centre in Northern Ireland and which takes about 10 mins to complete.

I found an absolutely gorgeous dusky pink silk top with fine cream crochet lace in Harvey Nichols but to be honest 325 Euros is a completely stupid amount of cash to pay for any top that is not diamond encrusted so I happily left that one behind. Later on I found a dusky pink top (viscose) with a similar drape to the expensive one, although not as nice a neckline and no lace, however the 30 Euro price tag is a bit more like it. I plan on adding a tatted edging to it in cream (if I can find some tatting thread – not so easy here!)

I did end up with yet another pair of shoes – some cream lace Sketchers, I needed some lightweight joggers for my Salsa exercise class and these will do lovely.

Dinner tonight was at Millers, my local pizza restaurant that is always so busy that you HAVE to book in advance – even for lunch.

Ilze is off tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock and then I’m back at work. Overall been a lovely weekend.

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