A walk in the country

Woke up today to the sound of hail on the slate roof at Brendan and Lorraine’s place in West County Cork. It was dire! The hail was interspersed with the odd bit of snow and I figured that chances are today’s hike would be cancelled.

How wrong was I! I guess that if the Irish waited for fine weather they’d never go anywhere (except a pub)… so off we went to join some of B&L’s friends for a 6km hike.

By the time we headed out it was stunning blue skies, maybe things were looking up! But then sure enough, a half k into it and the hail started! The entire walk was sunshine followed by hail followed by snow and then back to sunshine and start over again!

Gorgeous countryside, and I got to see some sheep – they have sheep with black faces, sheep with white faces and sheep with speckled legs here. The sheep also have long wool rather than the fluffy curly wool of the sheep back home.

After the walk we stopped in a lovely pub in Macroom for a drink. Macroom is dominated by castle walls and grounds with old stone arches
and guns providing an elegant centre for the town. It is thought that
the castle was built in the reign of King John, on the site of an
earlier stronghold. I think I may have to head back this way at some stage and have a good look at the place.

Back home tomorrow, this has so far been a lovely weekend.

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  1. Remember – There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

    Macroom sounds interesting from your description, might be worth checking out. I’m keen to have a look at Killarney too, from what i heard it’s supposed to be very good.

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