The epitome of elegance!

Great start to the morning… I went outside to drop the rubbish in the bins and on my way back I slipped on the wet decking. Was like a slow motion movie and I landed with a loud thud sitting on my backside with my hands on the ground beside me. My skirt managed to keep me decent which is at least one good thing and no, wasn’t wearing stupid shoes – was wearing my "Europe boots" which are flat.

Like a 3 year old I considered for a moment whether or not it was worth crying, decided that there wasn’t much point as noone was around so got up and went inside to wash myself down and survey the damage.

Anyway, I’ve grazed my hands, bruised my coxyx and the spot just at the very very top of my left leg and wrenched my shoulder which pulled out my neck so I had a migraine half an hour afterwards. As I was sitting at my desk at work I also realised that the middle of my back was starting to ache.

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