London for weddings and shopping

Had a lovely 4 day weekend in London with Kamal and Ilze. Diana (who I went to school with) and Nick were over to celebrate their recent wedding and since the last time I saw Diana was at Paula’s wedding, I figured I’d make the effort to see her again – probably won’t get another chance for years. Was a lovely party held in a great bar called Just St James.February001_sm_2

While in London I simply *had* to do a bit of shopping. So Ilze and I toured a few particular shops. I found a pair of black suede mary jane Jimmy Choos going for half price in Harvey Nichols – huge bonus! And they only had my size… so clearly they were meant for me!

We later on stopped by the Manolo Blahniks shop, which is hidden away somewhat, and where Ilze got a gorgeous pair of shoes for herself.

Also finally tried the "traditional" pasty from the West Cornwall Pasty Co – and I must say that it was a fair approximation of the one that my family makes. Tasted lovely and brought back lots of memories – although it could have done with more filling.

Sunday saw us head to Bicester Village (pronounced Bister) and boy what a great place that was! My haul included a lovely orange knitted top from Burberry and a Mulberry belt that matches the bag I’d gotten in Oslo last year.

Monday we headed off to see Leadenhall Market – just because I’d seen something on a travel show and so wanted to have a peek. It’s absolutely gorgeous yet not really pushed through most of the guide books, probably because it contains fairly standard shops and isn’t really in a high tourist spot. Still, if you’re in the area it’s worth a look.

We stopped at a lovely bar on the way back for a glass of bubbly with a view (oh my, that was a very expensive glass!)

My way home I encountered one of the stupid aspects of air travel at the moment. Aer Lingus lets me take on board a carry on bag, a laptop and a handbag. I had to pay extra to check another bag when I booked my ticket (it costs a lot more if you forget and have to do it when you check in). However, the Heathrow security people wanted me to take my laptop out of it’s case and then I could only take one other item through with me. This meant that my laptop bag and my handbag had to go into my carry on bag. This was just to walk into the security room. Ridiculous! It took me a while to sort out and shuffle enough to do that – the alternative was to check my carry on bag, but that would cost big time. Naturally there was NO signage to say this.

When I’d finally sorted that out and got through I was so jammed in that I realised I didn’t know where my keys were – and with Steve in Cork and Emma in the States, I really needed to find them! Luckily the x-rays were empty, so I asked the guys there to see if they could find them – they had a good look and then told me which corner of my bag they were sitting in – that was brilliant! They seemed rather chuffed to have been able to help too.

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