New Years in Paris

Paris01I always love going to Paris – it’s just so… Parisien! The fabulous monuments and buildings always look gorgeous and the atmosphere is just great. There’s a reason people have been coming here for 6000 years.

I love too how they change things every so subtley – look at the fancy green space-lights on the Eiffel Tower, it’s still the tower we know and love, but the "Christmas" decorations make this visit different to the last.

So anyway, we were in Paris for New Years’ and since it’s been a big item on my to do list for many many years, I was quite excited by it. On Sunday night at about 11:30 we made our way down to the Champs Elysee and found a good position right in the middle of the road. We then got ready for the anticipated spectacular. As midnight approached, the crowd grew expectant and we were all looking at the Arc then, suddenly the lights in the trees all dim and…. nothing.

Yep, absolutely nothing! People looked confused, a few were asking if that was it and trying to work out what went wrong. Some people in the crowd started letting off their own smuggled in fireworks. After a while we wondered around to see if the light show was at the Tower instead – and aside from the standard twinkle, nothing there either. It was absolutely bizarre!

We headed back to the hotel, passing by the Gallery Lafayette buildings on the way – much more light there! Guess all those who we saw in cafes on our way in to the city had the right idea after all.

The next day after a leaisurely breakfast (which I ordered in French) we headed back to Antwerp.

Found out later on that the French only bother with fireworks on "special" new years. That’s a shame, all those people there pumping cash into their economy and they can’t even be bothered with a few sparklers! Well, guess it’ll be somewhere else next year.

At least I’ve been, and I’ve experienced a Parisien New Year and nothing, not even tight French people, can change that!

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