It had been a standard Monday night. Emma and I had watched Ugly Betty and America’s Next Top Model (Steve generally joins up for these but was in Cork for work) and we had both decided to call it a night.

In my room I was a little annoyed at the racket coming from the street, seemed like a crowd was deciding to have a bit of a party. Next thing Emma bangs on my door telling me we had to get out – there was a fire. So that explains the crowd! As we grabbed our belongings I heard the fire engines arriving. Heading downstairs you could already see the smoke in the house so we spilled out onto the street.

We could see huge plumes of smoke billowing out from the vents into the carpark under the apartments and people were saying that there was a "big" fire going. We could certainly smell that unmistakeable scent of burning stuff. The fire crews got out their hoses, pulled up a little man-hole cover that we’d never really noticed before that clearly gave them access to mains water and went on down.

After a few minutes the guys returned and donned breathing apparatus before heading back down. Smoke was still billowing out of the carpark, but clearly reducing. The boys were down for about 15 mins before they gathered at the top of the entrance to the car park to wait for the smoke to clear before heading back down to make sure everything was out properly.

Once it was safe we could hassle them and ask what was going on – turns out it was an old van that had been abandoned down in the car park and that the residents had been complaining about for months. It had even been reported as a fire risk, which naturally makes it a little suspicious that it should go up in flames. I’m sure that the drama will continue over that one!

We got back into the house just after midnight. The place was full of smoke and stunk, so we had to open up all the windows to let it air a bit – a very cold thing to do on a still Dublin night! Telly wasn’t working, so we couldn’t watch that – thank God we got to finish watching Top Model before we lost that!

All in all a fairly exciting Monday night in quiet Dublin!

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  1. Well that stirred you up a bit!! Did you have any smoke damage to your ‘stuff’? i.e do you now have a good excuse for retail therapy?

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