Storms and Good News

We had some amazing storms here over the last 24 hours – major flooding all across the country (imagine that, I live in a place small enouigh to be effected by a single weather system!). Blew in part of our back fence and when I headed out for a bit of Christmas shopping I found it very difficult to walk!

Anyway, some fabulous news this morning – Tegs and Cam have booked their tickets to come out here, I’m so excited – I miss them and the rest of my family so much.

Oh and I saw the surgeon today too for the final evaluation of my sight. Before the op my combined vision was +2.75. Now in my right eye I am 0 (ie perfect) and in the left I am -0.25. Not enough to need glasses so pretty much spot on. Honestly I’m over the moon – I never actually believed I would get such a good result!

1 thought on “Storms and Good News”

  1. congratulations on the eye surgery. it sounds like you will never look back. (so to speak)

    I was just checking if you were on the new server yet. I see you are, its all good.

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