Saving Colleen

Saving Colleen

Poor Colleen. She’s my travel bug and she’s been trapped by the evil Dutch. I let her go in Dublin and on her first trip out she went to the Netherlands where she’s been ever since. Just bouncing around all over the place. She’ll never escape and make it to Australia.

So, Alan and I launched a rescue mission – the plan to rescue Colleen from her Dutch prison and take her somewhere more friendly, like Belgium or France.

We had received word that Colleen was located up near an old bunker used by some Jewish families to hide out during the War. We had to answer 6 questions to get the final coordinates – and naturally all the questions were in Dutch. So we spent some considerable time translating and printing out Google Earth photos of the area. It was a 3 hour drive to the north of the Netherlands, so off we went.

Lovely spot when we arrived, a small woodland. We got most of our clues fairly quickly, but the cache where she was hiding was elusive. We ended up making a quick call to get a final clue translated for us and finally found the cache.

We were excited – our mission was proving successful but then, she wasn’t there. A review of the logs showed she’d been taken two days before we arrived – if only she’d been logged, at least we wouldn’t have made that trip! Disappointed we made the trip back to Antwerp. We’ll have to rescue Colleen another day.