Kerstival begins

Kerstival Well, today’s my birthday, so that means the shortest day of the year up in this part of the world. It also means the Belgians are celebrating – and I found one place that had this sign up – so clearly these guys take my birthday seriously!

Cake_1 Mum, Dad and Jenna had a birthday party for me and made a cake then called me to blow out the candles. Was lovely to chat to them!

Today I went to see Ghent in Belgium. Had a look online first and found out that it has some cool World Heritage sites. There’s heaps of world heritage sites in Belgium – a whole bunch of belfry towers are included. Took me a while to work out what was the main train station that I’d need to get off at, and so I headed out.

Belfry When I arrived I found that the city centre was miles away from the station – the most direct route was through some windy tight streets with boarded up windows, but I soon found a tram and hopped on and then next thing I was standing in front of
the Gravensteen, a castle built in 1180 by Count Philip of Alsace. Unfortunately it was closed, so I got a couple of pictures and wondered back towards town.

I popped down to the tourist market which was in a square in front of Saint Nicholas, Church and the Belfry of Ghent. I found a stand that sold bunches of real mistletoe – something I had never seen until just a few weeks ago.

As it was getting rather dark I headed back to the train station and to Antwerp. On my way to the appartment I found a sign for a place celebrating the "Kerstival" over the next few days – so clearly these Belgians really appreciate my birthday!

All in all, a fabulous birthday!