From cold to freezing

What do do on a cold St Stephen’s day? How about go to an ice sculpture
exhibition? Yes, totally mad, but that’s exactly what we did.

So we headed to Brugge, stunning stunning city. Found out that the exhibition was on the other side of town – it was freezing! We walked over to the almost deserted ticket booths – very promising! Then around the corner and hit the queue.

So while we waited for about half an hour in the freezing cold we were being entertained by the dolcet tones of Dolly Parton singing Christmas Carols – much to Alan’s sheer delight.

We eventually made our way inside and got pushed unceremoniously into the cold room. Well, how fabulous in there! Gorgeous sculptures. and after we made our way through we hit the ice bar. We could have had our choice of all sorts of things, especially the Jagermeister which they seem to love here. We opted for the hot chocolate!

1 thought on “From cold to freezing”

  1. Yeah. I’m truly all about the Dolly Parton. Some seriously solid, solid stuff. I can’t wait until they remaster all of her early stuff.

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