Christmas in Antwerp

A real Christmas tree and my first ever cold Christmas! I’m so excited, and yes I know it’s daggy to be excited about it, but there you go.

On the day I arrived we went to the local Carrefour and picked up a base then a sweet little tree  and a few decorations. On the Sunday we headed up to Amsterdam cos I had my heart set on some lovely baubles that you can get from the tourist shops there. 

Boo, Alan’s cat is quite interested in the tree – she keeps trying to eat it. So we’ve got her some cat grass that was ready for eating by last night – she loves it. She’s been chomping away like it’s going out of fashion, even made herself ill poor thing!

Anyway, we had a lovely day of doing absolutely nothing, opened some presents and had a lovely meal. All in all it was a very nice relaxing day.

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