Headed off to Brussels today. Got to Antwerp Central station and bought my return ticket (all in English – I know, I’m terrible) and then I was off. Lovely new train too.

Last time I was in Brussels was in April and the day of a huge protest, also a Sunday so everything was shut. This time the Christmas market was on and it was very very cold. I wondered around the market and went shopping on the Avenue Louise before heading back to the station via the Palace.

Alan met me at Mechelen station – now there was a mini adventure, turns out that the town Mechelen is known as Malines. A fact that I did not know – and of course all the train information leaving Brussels was in French, so I missed my train thinking that it did not actually stop in Mechelen.

I honestly think that the world would be an easier place if we all used the place names that people used themselves. For example, I think that English should drop the name Germany and use Deutschland instead – that way when we’re asking for directions to places at least others can understand the place names if nothing else. Would certainly help!

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