Almost there

Almost there

Well we’re almost at Christmas and I must say, it still doesn’t feel like Christmas – even though Emma and I put up the tree and the decorations are all in the streets. It’s just too cold and wet to feel like Christmas yet.

Finally got some Christmas cards in the post – again feels weird and was hard to get to and sort them with all the rain and dark, but finally got a few posted. Just hope I didn’t miss too many people.

Mind you, despite the weather here I am still glad to be here – much nicer than it must be in Melbourne at the moment with the bushfires and smoke and the stiffling heat.

As you can see, I got my hair done. Have gone a little shorter and to a darker brunette. I’m quite chuffed with the result.
Went to a gig last night in town with Emma and her friends. Was a great fun night – the band was The Magic Numbers. Not your typical glam rock group but there were a few numbers that I recognised.

Looking forward to tomorrow – last day at work for the year!