Long Weekend and a little Deutsch

Despite what most people back home think, Ireland is the real home of Halloween. And as a bonus we get a long weekend at the end of October. So what to do for the long weekend? So, what to do for this one? How about a bit of travel – to a whole new country???

And thanks to a bit of good natured profiteering by Aer Lingus, this time I flew Ryanair. Dublin Airport authority really has done a marvelous job of making sure that Ryanair can save a few quid by not flying quite as far as the normal terminal – you need to take extra food to make the hike out there. Finally I reach the back shed to find a disorderly queue of people jostling for position. Seemed to take forever to get on the flight and by the time I did I was feeling rather grumpy. Nothing hot left on the food trolly either except for an "American style" hot dog, which really just tasted like cardboard. Guess it could have been worse, but it was certainly nothing compared to Nathan’s Famous…. I suspect the only thing vaguely American about it was the use of the word Ketchup on the tomato sauce sachet… Anyway, I arrived safe and sound and Alan was kind enough to pick me up from Brussels South (otherwise known as Brussels South-Pole).

Next day we were pretty slow to get moving and eventually headed off towards Cologe at about 4:30pm. Arrived by 7 and managed to find a hotel with a spare room right at the bottom of the cathedral. We then headed out to find some food. Didn’t take long for us to find ourselves in the old quarter. Schnitzal with some Rhein region sparkling wine and apple strudel for dessert – delicious!

Next stop was a fair that we spotted on the other side of the Rhein so we found a way across and hit the ferris wheel for a good look at the city lights. The cathedral in the distance certainly looked spooky. On the way back to the hotel we found a gorgeous pub built in 1626 so we had to stop in for a bit.

Next day we popped into the little church in the centre of town – it’s colossal. While I loved the mosaic floors, it really was too big for my liking. We climbed up one of the towers to the belfry tho – that was quite amazing. But, anyway I’ve gone on for long enough – here’s the photo album!

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