I can see!

OMG! Yesterday was perhaps the most amazing day of my life!

I headed to the hospital in the afternoon and after getting registered I went down to the laser room. While I was waiting I started to get apprehensive. After what seemed like forever it was my turn. The nurse came and got me and put some anaesthetic drops in my eyes then took me in to the room with the laser.

In the laser room Mr Michael Browne taped my eyelashes out of the way and put a frame in to stop my eyelids from closing, then some more drops. I was then wheeled under the machine, which was so big that when Alan came into the room he didn’t even think I was there at first.

Next step was to put some marks on my eye – Mr Browne touched the surface of my eye with a special marker, I didn’t feel a thing which made me relax a little. Next was a suction ring placed on my eye and vacuum applied. This made my vision disappear – all I had left was what looked like stars.

At this stage the flap is cut, I could feel something touching my eyelids but couldn’t feel the eye at all. A kind of sawing sound. Then my vision was returned to me which was weird as I could see like a retina burn as my vision came back. The flap was lifted, which just made my vision go very very blurry.

Now the laser itself started. Sounded like tapping and I could smell a very faint smell of burnt hair, but not enough to be a bother. This part of the process lasted for about 30 seconds. When it was over Mr Browne put the flap back, smoothing it down. I was wheeled out from under the machine, the thing to hold my eyelids back was removed, tape holding my eyelashes removed and a shield taped over my eye.

A bit of a chat (it was now that I found out Alan was indeed in the room watching) and the whole process repeated for the right eye.

When that was over I went into the waiting room to rest for a bit, I could already start to see better through the little holes in my eyeshields. Was feeling exhausted! After half an hour I went back in to the little anti-room for Mr Browne to take a look at his handy work. He seemed happy and so I was sent home with two sets of drops.

At home, I had to try to rest for a couple of hours – which anyone who knows me knows is going to be impossible, but I didn’t do too badly. In the evening I took the shields off and put some drops in, they really stung and all I wanted to do was rub my eyes, but I couldn’t do that. My vision was already better than my previous non-glasses vision and I watched some TV before going to bed with my sexy shields on.

So, this morning I woke up early to get to the hospital for my post-op check. The drops stung again and I felt like I had an eyelash in the corner of my right eye. On the way in  I noticed massive halos on the car lights, but all in all, better vision than I’d gone to bed with. Mr Browne had a look and said that my astigmatism is totally gone and that I’m a little bit long sighted now, but he expects a perfect recovery as my eyes repair themselves.

The bruising on my eye is pretty good – only a few blood-shot patches show when I look to the side. Today my sight has been quite actively changing – one moment I’m looking at something in perfect focus and the next it goes all blurry for a while. I can expect that over the next few days, but it shouldn’t stop me doing anything – other than contact sports, swimming, diving or wearing eye makeup.

So, my first day with my new eyes, I’m quite excited about waking up tomorrow and seeing how much they’ve improved!

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