Broncos Game

Today I went to the Bronco’s opening home game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Paul Stege the legend had gotten us front row seats on the 25 yard line, rare as hen’s teeth!

So Henry, Hamra, Chris and I went down to Mile High Stadium. It was an awesome experience – right from the moment we got out of the cab and started heading towards the turnstiles. I visited the shop inside for some gear and Henry and I grabbed a disgusting hotdog and some kettle corn. No cotton candy today! Then we went to find out seats.

74,000 people in all were there for the game. They started with the customary Star Spangled Banner – complete with jet flyer at just the right moment, in fact the Brit’s couldn’t have got that timing any better.

The cheerleaders were right below us, the players just to our left. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most exciting game, the only scores were field goals, but in the end Broncos won and that was all that really mattered.

In all it was just so much fun, the Americans certainly know how to put on a show! Even if you don’t like football it the rest of the experience would make it worth going. Going to take me a few months to come down from that experience!

Check out my album of pics from the game and see just how amazingly close we were.

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