To Laser Eye or Not?

I’m thinking about getting my eyes lasered. Been thinking about it for years, but since Tegan is so happy with her eyes I’ve been seriously considering it. I’ve made an appointment for a consultation with a local surgeon who has been recommended by Sinead at work (he did her and her sister’s eyes and they’re both very happy). The consultation isn’t until August 16th, but naturally I’ve been thinking about it more and more.

So, the negatives for getting it done are:

a) the cost, at €2,100 per eye it’s hardly cheap. Still that’s comparable to what it would cost back in Australia.
b) possibility of something going wrong. There’s a lot of websites with scare stories, but they’re not really scientific studies – there’s nothing to tell you whether they had specific reasons for complications or if there was other extenuating circumstances. Still, it’s a scary possibility.
c) possibility that I’ll still need my glasses, even if only for driving or computer work.

And the positives:

a) can wear any pair of sunglasses I want
b) eye makeup will stand out more
c) putting on eye makeup will be a lot easier
d) I will wear sunglasses more often if I’m not needing to swap them all the time
e) no more cleaning my glasses (which I don’t do anyway)
f) the only people I know who have had this done are very happy
g) the only people I know of as a 2nd degree knowing, are also happy
h) who cares if I need to wear my glasses for work, it would be such a bonus not to have to wear them going out

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2 thoughts on “To Laser Eye or Not?”

  1. Everyone I know who has had it done can’t say enough good things about it! I would say do it. I have 20/20 vision, but you better believe that if I ever have trouble I will be getting this done!

  2. go go go!
    other positives….
    -you can open a dishwasher and not get fogged!
    -that rain wont worry you as much, cause you’ll still be able to see!
    -if you ever want to, you can go snokeling and can see the fish… very cool!
    -you can snuggle, and not have to take them off, and then try to find them under all those clothes!! LOL

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