The Laser Consultation

Just finished my initial consultation for refractive eye surgery and all is good. I’m starting off with about 20/100 vision and the doctor is predicting 20/20 afterwards – he seemed rather chuffed looking at the charts actually, quite certain he’ll get me all sorted. Must admit that filled me with confidence.

Of the major complications, he’s quite certain that I won’t have trouble with starburst vision – in fact it should be a vast improvement on what I have now which my glasses cannot fully correct anyway. And as for dry eye, my tear film is apparently perfect so I shouldn’t have any issues there.

So now to sort out a date for the big event – can happen as early as the start of October. Might make it the end of October for cash flow sake, but either way my Christmas list will be for various pairs of sunglasses!

I’m excited by this and a little scared, my glasses are something that have been part of my life for 23 years.

Oh and the doc gave me an indication of when I will need reading glasses – 58, so this would set me free from specs for longer than I’ve been wearing them.

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