My First Irish Wedding

Last Saturday I went to my first Irish wedding. I was Alan’s guest at Dave and Aileen’s wedding and it was great fun.

For the Aussies, it’s pretty much the same thing as we have, although the ceremony is a lot more religious in nature and thus takes forever – in this case the priest entertained the guests with a song at the end, a bit different! The reception was pretty much teh same deal as well, until it hit the standard Aussie time for people to leave – here they brought out sandwiches and kept the party going for a couple more hours.

When the DJ finally packed up we all assembled in the resident’s bar of the hotel for more drinks and more singing, this time by the guests. It was great fun – even when it was decided that it was time for the Aussie to sing a song. Anyone who’s ever heard my attempt at singing would know how hideous that is! A little bit of Waltzing Matilda (yep, forgot the words!) and I managed to get through it.

The next day we all had lunch before heading off – I dare say that many of the other guests were preparing for another night of celebrations. It certainly rates as a highlight of an event, so my advice is that if you ever find yourself with an invitation to an Irish wedding, make sure you accept – you’re guaranteed a great party!

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