Gaudi1 Just had a fabulous weekend in Barcelona to celebrate Val’s impending nuptuals. There were 9 of us – I flew to Amsterdam and then on to Barcelona from there and although I was pretty much leaving the Dam at the same time as the other girls, I was on my own flight. We caught up at the airport and headed for our hotel.

The next morning most of us went shopping (picked up a lovely skirt) while others went sightseeing and we all met up for dinner and drinks and the main celebration night. No, you don’t need to know what happened except that we had a great time and ended up back at the hotel at 4am.

Gaudi2 On Sunday I went for a walk into town and got to see some of Gaudi’s works. Must admit that I was never really a huge fan until I saw his stuff in context. Absolutely love it all now. Even went to the extent of getting some souvenirs beyond my normal sew on badges. Not often that I’ll do that!

Would love to go back and see some more, but I think next time I do so it’ll be during the cooler months so that I can wear some less painful shoes!

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