A Mental Weekend!

Wow that was one mental weekend!

Started with a Saturday morning flight from Dublin to Brussels (which oddly is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to fly in to from Dub most weekends). I swear, 4:30am should be totally banned…

At Brussels jumped in the car and headed to Paris for lunch and an afternoon and evening of sightseeing. Took in the major sights and it was such a glorious day – bright and balmy and just perfect. And boy did the Parisians agree, it seemed that every man and his dog (and the French love their dogs) were out and about too.

Did some shopping on the Champs-Elysee, simply because it is against the law not to.

I really do love Paris, it’s such a beautiful city. I’d love to spend some more time here – I’m sure  I’ll get plenty of opportunity to do so!

Anyway, Sunday headed out to Reims which is in Champagne. Stopped for lunch in a little cafe in the centre and had a glass of Bollinger – Champagne in Champagne! Just had to be done.

Next stop was Interlaken in Switzerland. Came in quite late so couldn’t really see much on the way in. The hotel was weird, decore straight out of the late 70’s – yellow taps and all. And there were fake cows out the front. But it was close to town which was handy for a late dinner. Noticed an Australian restaurant – they serve kangaroo, emu, crocodile and a variety of Aussie seafood. No, I didn’t partake!

Next morning Interlaken just took my breath away – it’s simply gorgeous. Nestled between the mountains and the two lakes, it’s a tiny spot to build a city – but I’m glad they did!

Time for a walk through town, some lunch and then it was off to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is very pretty – the old part is mainly sitting in a valley, but I’m not sure there’s so much really here – maybe if the place had been open it would have been more appealing to me. Decided to head straight on to Antwerp for dinner.

In Antwerp the carnival was on, so after dinner headed down for some rides (the cars and the ferris wheel). Next morning the weekend was over – back to Brussels for the flight home and off to work. Lots of driving but an awesome weekend – 5 countries!

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