Long Weekend in London Town

4 days in London. This is now my third trip and the place still feels like home, which is so odd cos it’s not! But anyway, this time stayed near Marble Arch in a lovely hotel. Went to the Tower – it’s still great and the Crown Jewels are still fabulously sparkly. I did notice going through Trafalger Square that the sculpture of a tree growing out of a pile of books has een replaced – shame, cos I really liked that.

Also took a trip out to Windsor to see the castle. You get to see the state rooms, which are magnificent, but to be honest I still think I prefer Arundel. Windsor the town is picturesque and well worth a visit – had afternoon tea in the crooked tea rooms, quite a lean on them and apparently where a secret passageway running from the basement to Windsor Castle, now blocked, was reputedly used for "illicit trysts" between King Charles II and his mistress Nell Gwynne.

Met up with Ilze and Kamal for dinner at Canary Wharf, location of the fabulous Traffic Light sculpture…

Noticed in my travels that they’ve been cleaning up St Paul’s cathedral – it’s quite impressive the difference that’s making, the old dirty parts are black while the new parts are snowy white.

Had 1 day of rain, which is a bit odd for London really! That was Saturday – Saturday night I saw The Producers in Drury Lane… fabulous fun!

Sunday went to Greenwich and did some geocaching before getting the plane back to Dublin. Great weekend!

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