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London car wash costs $11,500

By Fiona Hudson in London

May 03, 2006

FIRST the cost of petrol went through the roof – now a bloke is charging £4800 ($11,500) to wash a single car.

British man Paul Dalton imports microfibre towels from Australia and special wax from Brazil to perform his 61-stage "Pinnacle Wash" on the luxury cars of wealthy clients.
The process takes two weeks per car, and includes four rinses with filtered water and three generous coats of a wax which costs £7000 a tube.

Mr Dalton heats the water to exactly 30C, and applies a secret clay mixture to help remove grime.

He uses a gadget to measure the thickness of the paintwork within a thousandth of a millimetre to ensure a mirror finish.

Rock star Rod Stewart’s £700,000 Ferrari Enzo reportedly got the special treatment before the singer took delivery of it.

But for those put off by the cost, Mr Dalton offers an introductory 21-stage wash for the bargain price of £370.

"For many, the thought of spending (so much) to detail a car seems faintly ridiculous," Mr Dalton said.

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