Easter in London

After my single night back in Dublin, which was really just to throw a few things into a suitcase, it was off to London for Easter. Ilze met me at the airport – she hasn’t changed a bit and it was great to see both her and Kamal who are living at Canary Wharf – pretty darn swish and a fab location.

We spent a week sightseeing – so we walked up to the Observatory at Greenwich, took a boat down the Thames to Westminster, even took a trip down the canal from Camden to Little Venice and we naturally did an aweful lot of shopping. We went out to Windsor as well, but the queue to get into the castle was hideous so we gave it a miss – I’ll pop down on a non-bank holiday soon and get a look inside.

I just love London, it was sooo good to be back there. I love the crowds and the pace of it, guess I’m a big city girl at heart. Already started planning the next trip!

Photos to follow….

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