Caught the Thalys down to Antwerp for a meeting. It’s amazing that train drivers here can speak 4 languages… in Australia you’re lucky if the train driver can speak their own language with any degree of fluency!

So Saturday Nanou showed me around Antwerp. It’s actually quite pretty (when you stick to the pretty parts that is) and I enjoyed it. Ran into one of Nanou’s colleagues and his girlfriend and organised for me to meet them that night at one of the Irish pubs – Nanou had to see her parents and couldn’t come out. She felt bad, but I had a thoroughly enjoyable night anyway.

On the Sunday I caught the bus to the airport at Brussels and stashed my bags in one of the lockers before heading into town. By the time I got there I had 8 hours to kill before I had to get back toget my flight home. So I wondered around Brussels, which to be honest I didn’t like as much as Antwerp. Got caught in a protest march with 80,000 people – a silent protest march. Was a bit freaky actually. They were protesting because a boy was killed by thugs.

Anyway, finally made it back to Dublin to find that there weren’t enough cabs – over a half hour wait at the rank. Was so glad to see my bed again!

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