St Patrick’s Day

Paddys03My very first St Patrick’s Day in Ireland – what a buzz! With the day falling on a Friday this yar it’s just nuts – the party has effectively started on Thursday afternoon, well – many people have taken Thursday off as well.

Went to the Smithfield carnival with Jacqui and Ger… it was way too cold and too empty to bother with, so we headed into town for dinner. Probably one of the worst restaurants I have ever been in, but that kind of made the night. Afterwards headed to the Barge and got home about 4am.

Paddys01 Friday I went down for the parade… very difficult to see anything, but the crowd provided heaps of fabulous colour. People were walking around with ladders to get a better view!

There were marching bands and a couple of float type things. Of course, I couldn’t see any of them, but the kids were enjoying it and every now and then when a band got close the crowd would go nuts.

Paddys02 After the parade I was making my way to St Stephen’s Green when I noticed that Brown Thomas was open. Just had to have a look… can;t help myself!

I did eventually make my way down to Earlsfort for the Ceile Mor… but I didn’t stay long, was absolutely freezing!

All in all, I’d say that St Patrick’s Day was just fabulous! I had a brilliant time, wish I could do it all again every weekend!

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