A journey through the country

I took Hamra to the Guinness Storehouse today. Unfortunately the queue was round the block – far too long in the freezing cold. So instead we decided to head out for a drive. Ended up in Kilkenny, which is an absolutely beautiful little town. Hamra got excited when we saw some cows running on the way and was rather impressed at the sight of Kilkenny Castle, which at least is a real castle! After some impressive reversing we headed back towards home. Tiny country roads, hire cars, no light and semi-trailers headed towards you do not make a comfortable trip! Still, the Irish countryside made it a worthwhile trip!

1 thought on “A journey through the country”

  1. What a surprise to find my name on your blog. I had a lovely time with you and you were the perfect hostess and a knowledgeable one too. You must come to Denver so I can reciprocate your hospitality. – Hamra

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