Happy Birthday to Me!

Tegan Happy Birthday to me! Well, it started quite early today – Gary was worried about missing my birthday and ended up getting his times confused so he called me at 3am…. It was just so nice to hear his voice that I didn’t care one bit.

Mum and Dad called this morning, as did Christine and George and I’ve had text messages and emails from heaps of people. I even got a card from my colleagues which was totally unexpected. I’m really feeling the loving, it’s quite nice!

Prize for the daggiest message must go to Tegan. She sent me a pxt message which you can see above.

One thing I did notice – it was very dark today! I’m used to my birthday being on the Summer Solstice, but of course here it’s the Winter Solstice – not only is it cold, but it’s also the shortest day in the year, very bizarre when you’re used to your birthday being the longest day!

Hope you all have a fabulous day too!

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