Doesn’t feel like Christmas

I’ve almost got all of my Christmas shopping done now. I went out again today and braved the cold and the crowds – and boy what crowds! It’s like the whole of Ireland was jammed into Henry St and Grafton St today.

I’m trying to work out why it’s so busy here. There’s less people in this city than there is in Melbourne – but I s’pose that Melbourne has a lot more shopping area so the crowds aren’t as thick.

At one point I was walking down Henry St and a massive wall of people surrounded me – Marks and Spenser was evacuated, some sort of fire alarm. I ended up in the Jervis thingy shopping centre purely because the crowd wouldn’t let me go anywhere else. Now I understand people who don’t like crowds.

Had a win with the Christmas shopping. I was looking for something to get my dad. He’s an impossible to buy for person. Generally I end up getting gift vouchers – but that’s not an option since I can’t get to an Australian shop! I had an idea for what would be the perfect present and against all the odds, today I found it. It’s a book on a the history of war bows. Pity I didn’t specify in my wishing how heavy it was. Might be awkward getting that home.

Anyway, I’ve got yet another dreadful cold. Not sure what is causing all of this. I seem to get over one and then a week later have another. I assume it’s the heating that I’m just not used to. Will have to try and up my water intake to compensate.

Anyway, only 4.5 days until I’m on the plane – only 21 days until I see Gary again.

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