The arrival and getting my bearings

Oh my, that’s one hell of a trip! I tried very hard not to cry, but in the end couldn’t help myself. Very hard to say goodbye to your husband for three months!

The consolation was that I got a window seat and one seat between myself and fellow traveller James. Still, 7 hours from Melbourne to Singapore is a long time, and then when you add on another 12 hours to Heathrow after only a 40 minute break, that’s ghastly!

Once at Heathrow I followed the pathway – right past a great view of fabulous shops… after walking so far that I began to wonder if I would emerge in Dublin itself soon, I finally came across the Aer Lingus lounge. No shops. A 1.5 hour wait to board the flight! No going back! Arrrgghhh! Why didn’t they say something!

So, once I got in to Dublin and to the hotel I had some time to kill before I could move into my room. Realised that my back was killing me so I went for a walk – and promptly got myself lost! It appears that in Dublin they don’t really believe in street signs. When there is one, it’s around the corner on a wall.

Anyway, my walk was full of amazing sights – from St Stephen’s Green, Grafton St, Henry St, Temple Bar and more. Just fabulous – overwhelmingly so! I’ll re-visit pretty much everything overthe next few weeks, so I’ll go into more detail then.

For dinner I followed the advice of my guide book and went to Oliver St. John Gogarty pub in Fleet Street. Being a single diner I was seated on a long table between a German couple and an English couple. Ironically the English couple determindly pretended that I wasn’t there, while the German couple immediately launched into conversation and were incredibly friendly. The English couple were being rather typical – complaining about the menu options, the size of the meals, the presentation etc wheras the German’s told me all about how much they love Dublin and come back all the time. I had Irish Stew, not really that great to be honest…

So on my way back to the hotel I walked through Grafton St again – and was thoroughly delighted by a busking harpist. At the hotel my bed had been turned down and I had a little chocolate on my pillow – great day!

Baggot St shopping, just near the hotel and near where I’ll be working.

These gorgeous street lights are all over Dublin (well, the bits I’ve seen so far) and feature the shamrock in their design.

A path in St Stephen’s Green. I’ll explore this park more thoroughly soon.

Busker playing the harp in Grafton St.

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