St Audeon’s, St Patrick’s and Dundrum

Today I figured I’d try out White Pudding and see if that’s any better than the Black given that it doesn’t contain any blood. How wrong! It’s worse. Well, at least I’ve given it a try. You can’t say I’m not adventurous!

I got myself a Heritage pass today – cost me €20 and will last 12 months. I then headed out to St Audoen’s Church. My timing was spot on as the church will be closed come 1st October and won’t reopen until mid next year. This is Dublin’s oldest surviving medieval church and is still in use. A lovely lady took me on a free tour courtesy of my heritage pass. Photos are below.

After St Audeon’s I headed towards St Patrick’s cathedral. It wasn’t long before I found myself in an area that made me feel uncomfortable. I was conscious of my handbag and a lack of people and just got a feeling that I should leave, so I quickly consulted my map and got myself back to a very main road. This is something that even growing up in Broadmeadows I’m not that familiar with so I felt a little rattled. Anyway, within a few minutes I was in more comfortable surroundings.

St Patrick’s appeared in no time at all (everything in Dublin is close!) and has a lovely garden. I didn’t go into the church – 1 church in 1 day is enough for a non-religious person! St Patrick’s was founded beside a well where St Patrick is said to have baptised converts around 450 AD. Much of the present building dates back to 1254 and 1270.

Having had enough of churches I caught the LUAS, which is Dublin’s tram service, off to Dundrum shopping centre which is the largest in Ireland. Not as big as Chaddy, but still pretty impressive. I think I’m going to have to visit a few times just to get to really know it well.

Link Dundrum Town Centre


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