Paranoid? or Delusions of Grandeur?

Walking back to court today I saw a backpack, sitting beside a busy intersection between a rubbish bin and a signal box. It looked quite sus, and no-one could be seen around it that would be it’s owner. A number of people were looking at it and then side-stepping so that they could give it a wider berth as they passed. People were looking concerned. So I did the right thing – I called the police to report it. The girl on the line said that it had been called in by a few people and that the owner had moved it. I couldn’t see an owner I told her.

Then, out of the corner of my eye see a Big Issue seller appear. I walked up to him, with the 000 operator still on the line and said “Excuse me Sir, is that your bag?” “What’s it to you?” he replied “Well, I’m on the phone to the police, if it’s yours I can tell them it’s OK.” “That’s right, have a go at the poor man. There’s something suspect, must be the suspect poor man. Just assume it’s me why don’t you” OK. I back away slowly and tell the girl that I don’t think it’s his.

As I left he had another go at me and about me being a “stupid cow just assuming that poor people are terrorists” Gosh! So sorry for trying to be polite! Later that afternoon I saw the guy again with the bag still there. Must be his. He could have saved a lot of people a lot of time and effort by just being polite himself. I guess that’s why he’s selling the Big Issue and I’m not.

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