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Royal Trip – Two Bays Track #1 :: Victoria, Austrailia

We decided that this one might be a bit of fun and off we trundled. GPS said turn down Waterfall Gully Road. Melways said looked ok, no "(unsealed)" flags… well, a couple of hundred metres down we hit ungraded rubbish. Looks clear though… but Oh no, what’s that gut-wrenching noise? What’s that smell that reminds us of our old Mazda 323 (c. 1973)??? Out we hop. A small trail behind us, look under the car and there’s a black puddle. That’s not good news is it? Better pull over, better get to a road.

We didn’t get close to the cache. What we did do is learn that a tow from Arthur’s Seat to Collingwood costs $220 (thanks to Steve’s Towing who was just about to go fishing but came to save us instead). Then we learnt that a new sump is covered by insurance (thankfully)…

Cache Information Page – GCHXFW :: Royal Trip – Two Bays Track #1

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