Just over it…

BHG logoI sat down tonight to watch a bit of telly. Not much on (I don’t have Foxtel, only free-to-air) and about the only thing on was a channel 7 Better Homes and Gardens thing. They had found some kid in a wheelchair and were creating a lame fairy garden for her.

Now I’m a huge fan of renovation and lifestyle shows. I’ve been lapping them up for years. So, imagine my surprise to realise that I’m totally bored with the format.

It’s not the make-overs and DIY that bore me, but all this holier-than-thou charity work for the undeserving poor. The kid’s probably great and the parents have a rough time, granted, but I can’t help but think that this does NOT mean that someone who has two able-bodied kids or even no kids at all, isn’t finding life just as tough. In a way I see it as cheap exploitation of these people.

I just don’t buy it any more.


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